About us


Through a experiental, cognitive and sensorial experiencie, promote a sustainable lifestyle. That promotes inclusive, resilient and socially responsible economic and social models.



  • Through art, education and culture, share technical information about climate crisis and it’s solutions, in an inclusive and accesible way.
  • Inform, inspire and, generate environmental awareness to fight climate change
  • Recognize and promote sustainable cities, organizations, brands, projects proposals and ideas. with the collaboration of the world’s best known opinion leaders.
  • Create an immediate action manifest, result of the collaboration between brightest minds that are constantly working towards sustainability.
  • Celebrate diversity with tolerance and inclusion, without ideological, gender related, religion, race or other restrictions.
  • Be the amplification channel for young entrepreneurs, innovators, social leaders and activists that promote a positive change in the world.

LBN Group is one of the most important communications agency in Mexico, it promotes the values and compromises with sustainability and social responsibility since its creation in 2008.
Creator of the No Name art fair that promotes the collaboration between renowned and emergent artists to promote art for everyone, the initiative Back To the Roots, that fuses the ancestral vision and creativity of recognized artists and designers. And LuxuryLab, which is the luxury platform that houses perspectives focused on providing sustainable solutions.

Na Boca do Lobo Produções Artísticas LTDA is a brazilian company specialized in communications and sustainability, led by Felipe Lobo and Tiza Lobo. Operates in the event production, content creation, audiovisuals, publicity and brand and entity activation areas. It is the creator and owner of copyrights for the exhibition O Dia Seguinte / The Next Day y sus experiencias: [Welcome to The Next Day], [DIS] Order, [IN] Humanity, [IN] Formative, [TRANS] Formation, [R] Evolution.


Film, theater and TV producer, and also a writer. She was in charge of the executive production of movies such as Tati’s Diary and 2x with Helenda, between others.
Set designer, art director and interiors designer; he has worked in expositions for Oi, Oswaldo Cruz’s Foundation, Ponto Frio, Subway Rio and Eva Klabin, between others.
Publicist and journalist, he has a solid education in sustainability and is specialized in marketing, production, content and projects management.
CEO of Lovebrand Mexico. Originally from São Paulo, Brasil, he is an economist by profession and, after 10 years in the financial sector, in 2008 he funded the LBN Group in Mexico.